Board of Education

Nadine Slowinski, President
Wayne Trongeau, Vice President
Sam Barranco, Treasurer
Marcie Badtke, Clerk
Deborah Rudolph
Barbara Tietz
Barbara Wetherbee

District Office

Dan Kopp, District Administrator
Michelle Griffin, Executive Secretary/Office Manager
David Betz, Business Manager
Michael Juech, Director of Teaching & Learning
Paula Deden, Coordinator of Building & Grounds
Christopher Ament, Maintenance Technician
Nick Kysely, Director Instructional Technology
Christine Heck, Instructional Technology Assistant
Erin Cullen, Administrative Assistant/Communications Coordinator 
Sandy Harris, Administrative Assistant – Business Services 

High School Office

Dr. John LaFleur, Principal
Thomas Blair, Associate Principal
Luke Braden, Associate Principal
Jerry Christiansen, Athletics/Activities Director
Doreen Daniels, Administrative Assistant – Athletics/Activities
Lisa Obertin, Administrative Assistant – Principal
Marianne Judson, Registrar/Admin. Assistant – Student Management
Deanna Jarnigo, Nurse
Deputy David Gomez, School Resource Officer
Tammy Morrow, Receptionist

Student Services

Jodi Weber, Administrative Assistant – Student Services/SPED
Jessica Runte, School Counselor (A-F), Department Chair
Danny Djordjevic, School Counselor, G-J & Spec. Ed.
Allen Reynolds, School Counselor (K-Q)
Melissa Sweatman, School Counselor (R-Z)
Susan Fennell, Psychologist
Cheryl Kothe, School-to-Career Coordinator
Paige Thelen, Community Outreach

Library Media Center

Jessica Hammersmith, Library Media & Literacy Specialist

Food Service

Lisa Bohn, Food Service Supervisor – Taher Food Service

Business & Information Technologies

Jake Erbentraut
Ken Kerkhoff
Cheryl Kothe
Kelsey Muthig
Travis Wetzel, Department Chair

Family & Consumer Science

Diane Cooper
Jennifer Jacobson
Susan Simmons

Fine Arts

Alejandro Alumbreros, Vocal Music
Julianna Kunstler, Art
Norm Preo, Art
John Sorensen, Instrumental Music

Language Arts

Dawn Barranco
Tracy Carlisle, Department Chair
Deborah Chike
Elle DeBow
Deborah Fragale
Tina Gauss
Nikki Kaiser
Danielle Kuhlmey
Amy Speich


Patrick Dopke
Theresa DuMez
John Faber
Erick Kaiser
Kaitlyn Keleher
Diana Kolovos
Kathleen Schoenberger, Department Chair
Robert Sepnafski

Physical Education/Health

Greg Olson
Tom Robers
Mindy Schuh
Keiya Square


Abbey Reich
Natalia Vernezze


Lee Blount
Don Fitzwater
Gina Greil
Lena Joch
Natalie MorningCrow
Steven Ripper
Steve Sproul
Karen Troupis
Kelly Wilcox

Social Sciences

Tracy Anderson
Rich Borkowski, Department Chair
Terry Bruton
Bill Dinegan
Jared Franz
Don Serkowski
Marlene Tilsner
Melinda Unger
John Watson

Special Education

Chris Barger
Susan Fennell, Psychologist & Coordinator
Sarah Grabarec
Maryann Hegemann
Gene Johnson
Sara Knapp
Marcia Nolan
Joe Reynolds
Pat Sullivan, Speech/Language
Kathryn Soper
Jonathan Watson

Technology and Engineering

Jeff Kehoe
Cole Marshall
Eric Morrow, Department Chair
George Troupis

Trouvaille Academy

Jack Schlevensky
Geoff Van Remmen

World Language

Denise Bauer
Kim Christiansen
Nikki Kaiser
Amy Luxem
Jennifer Youra


Peter Aiello
Gina Ambasan
Deborah Barron
Erika Betz
Katie Brown
Dannette Cates
Lisa Divenere
Laure Douglas
Luis Gomez
Karen Heelein
Jessica Johnson
Brittany Linhart
Nick Maginn
Denise Muhlenbeck
Shannon Neau
Amelia Nelson
Lana Norman
Carmella Pease
Heather Peeper
Kevin Raap
Shelly Reichwein
Kellie Theisen
Katie VanWie
Hope Wilson
Tammy Wisnefski
Lindsay Workman


Matthew Cummings
Scott Gorr
Russell Larabee
Denise Naeve
Tim Nolan
Sarah Olson
Nathan Sladky
Carolyn Smoronk
Steve Squires