The Business & Information Technology Department hosted an event for some seniors to get an eye-opening experience about life and its expenses. Seniors are required to take Financial Literacy, a course that enables students to make informed decisions about planning, organizing and allocating financial resources. Participating in the life-like simulation is part of the course. About 120 seniors were each given a profession, marital status, children, pets, and lots of decisions to make like buying or renting a house, car, and other purchases. They quickly learn how to make differences between needs versus wants and how to balance a checking account.

This semester, the course and Reality Check event was run by Mr. Kerkhoff and Mr. Erbentraut. Next semester, Kerkhoff and Erbentraut anticipate another 210 senior students in their desks and ready to get a glimpse of some of life’s realities. Volunteers are always needed to help run the event. If you are interested in volunteering at the next Reality Check (date to be a Friday in May), please contact Mr. Kerkhoff or Mr. Erbentraut.

Take a look at some photos from today’s event: